About Us

Danusia Eagle is a premium quality fashion brand creating perfect fit women garments.

In our team we believe that every girl should have a dress to impress and celebrate life.

So we create capsule collections that consist of a limited edition pieces. So every Danusia Eagle’s product is truly unique.

By the way, there are rumors that the brand’s clothes bring good luck to their owners. Luck for those who believe.

Let’s be lucky with Danusia Eagle.

Crystal Fringe Black Cropped Top

Limited Edition of Exclusive Pieces

Danusia Eagle exclusively curated pieces are handmade with particular attention to meticulous detail. Made with love and tender care, each of our pieces is unique from the other and encapsulates the meaning of high fashion in intricate designs.

Our Brand Philosophy

Danusia Eagle is a high fashion brand created for people of all ages looking to express themselves and their unique style through designer wear. This exclusive high-end brand has an assortment of flowy dresses, jeans, jackets–you name it; that is to cater to the different fashion needs of any and all beings who like to stay on top of styling and exude their individuality through fashion.

Danusia Eagle extensive range of products are not only trendy and timeless at the same time but are also durable and long-lasting. And Danusia Eagle never sacrifices premium quality, all the while upholding artistic integrity by way of unique textiles, fabrics, designs, etc.

Danusia Eagle is the name of representation and inclusion for people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities. Along with providing the fashionistas with ritzy attires for all occasions, creativity and innovation are at the heart of its brand philosophy.

Upholding Ecological Integrity

Danusia Eagle timeless fashion pieces are not mass-produced; they are handmade, thus reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the use of machinery-made products. Danusia Eagle leads the sustainable fashion movement by adopting eco-friendly practices at the core of the brand.

Our Clientele

Danusia Eagle stands proud on the belief that high fashion is ageless; for us, it is for anyone looking to showcase their individuality through deluxe statement pieces. We design our clothes so that people of all ages can rock them.

Made in Europe

Rooted in the arts, literature, music, film, and the like, the European culture emanates from Danusia Eagle deluxe line of clothes, representing the plurality of life in Europe.

Danusia Eagle delicately handmade pieces are made in Europe and are available to purchase anywhere.

Double Button Jeans